Dating London

Web development
Dating London

Project overview

Dating London, one of London’s biggest dating companies that offer a fantastic service to thousands of London Singles.

What they wanted

The specification was to create a new logo and website for the business to portray a highly presentable image to potential customers. The project had to be perfect due to a high amount of competition with other dating companies. The logo had to have a mix of colours which would add to the effect of the new website which also had to have a modern outlook which easy access options for customers.

What we did

Firstly we worked in depth with them to discover their ideas for a new logo, once receiving their specifications we set to work on making a new logo which would maximise their potential as a company. The logo met their criteria well and we could then started the website, this had to be perfectly matched with the colour and design of the logo. We built the website in HTML and CSS and made sure the website was contemporary, modern and had easy options and access for a ranging customer base that the company had. Finally the website was complete and it looked stunning but effective and is proving to be beneficial for the company.