Institute of Health Visiting
iHV Screenshot

Project overview

iHV (The Institute of Health Visiting) is a UK Centre of Excellence supporting the development of universally high-quality health visiting practice. Launched on 28 November 2012 to promote excellence in health visiting practice to benefit all children, families and communities.

What they wanted

iHV commissioned Wave to design a dynamic and up to date looking website where they could display all the relevant information about what they do, who they are, and have a resource centre where they could upload large amounts of neccessary information into an organised area without making it look complicated, and to also make it easily accessible. They also wanted a membership area where users could register and log on.

What we did

BR Web developed Wave's designs and gave iHV the ability to add new content themselves after development like adding new items to the Resource Centre or to just update the other pages that currently exist. We used WordPress as the Content Management System as its very intuitive and easy to use, meaning they could learn the basics of adding and editing content quickly.