Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe
Keeping Children Safe

Project overview

Keeping Children Safe is a membership network of organisations working together to increase safeguards offered to children. Keeping Children Safe strives to ensure children globally are safeguarded and protected from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation. It was formed in 2001 by some of the leading international development agencies in response to incidences of abuse and exploitation of children that were arising as a result of organisations work with vulnerable communities.

What they wanted

Keeping Children Safe commissioned Wave to design a dynamic and up to date looking website where they could display all the relevant information about what they do, who they are, and have a resource centre where they could upload large amounts of neccessary information into an organised area without making it look complicated, and to also make it easily accessible. They also wanted a membership area where users could register and log on.

What we did

BR Web developed Wave's designs and gave Keeping Children Safe the ability to add new content themselves after development like adding new items to the Resource Centre or to just update the other pages that currently exist, we created a Drupal theme from the design and worked from there.

We used Drupal as the Content Management System as it is a very powerful CMS which was perfect for what we needed to do in creating the Resource Centre and Membership area, but as well for its simpler tasks like adding new content which meant Keeping Children Safe could easily learn how to update their site and keep it fresh.

We also developed a Self Audit tool that generates a graph that can be filled in and calculates how good your organisation is at keeping children safe, it gives an overall scoring and highlights areas that can be improved.